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This consolidated resource is for anyone exploring and developing on top of the shdwDrive platform.

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How this resource is organized

This section explains our how we are combining powerful bare-metal with decentralized solutions to create superior technologies. This section is for those interested in understanding the value we bring to developers and enterprises in need of distributed ledger compute and storage solutions.

This section focuses on easy and actionable information to help you quickly get started building. Step by step guides, and line by line CLI instruction offer developers the quickest path to working concepts. We are constantly improving this section to make sure utilizing our solutions is as easy as possible.

Running a shdwNode will allow you to participate in the decentralized D.A.G.G.E.R. testnet which powers the shdwDrive v2 Hammer interface located here. The shdwNode operators will be handling millions of live user test transactions and trustlessly storing data for user file uploads.

See it for yourself: Live network metrics

Discover the expansive potential of $SHDW, the driving force behind the revolutionary platform shdwDrive, and learn how it's reshaping access, ownership, and rewards in the realm of decentralized data storage.

Much like an appendix, the reference section is a quick navigation hub for key resources. Our media kit, social media presence, and more can be found here.

Bugs and Feedback

This resource will be updated frequently and the developer community should feel empowered to submit Issues for edits they would like to see or platform enhancement ideas. We also have a process for Bug submissions.

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