ShdwDrive Developer Tools

To get started with the ShdwDrive CLI:

  1. Install the ShdwDrive CLI

  2. Follow the CLI Guide

    • After installing Solana, make sure you have both SHDW and SOL in your wallet in order to reserve storage.

To get started with the ShdwDrive SDKs:

  1. JavaScript, Rust, and Python are your choices.

  2. Follow the SDK Guide

    • You can build directly on top of the API.

    • Tell us about your project in our Discord so we can publish to the community. See others here.

Submitting Bugs & Security Issues

We adhere to a responsible disclosure process for security related issues. To ensure the responsible disclosure and handling of security vulnerabilities, we ask that you follow the process outlined below.

Bug Reporting Process

  1. For non-security-related bugs, please submit a new bug report here. For security-related reports, please open a "security vulnerability" report here.

  2. Please provide a clear and concise description of the issue, steps to reproduce it, and any relevant screenshots or logs.

Important: For security-related issues, please include as much information as possible for reproduction and what its related to. Please be sure to use the report a security vulnerability feature in the repository listed above. If you submit a security vulnerability as a public bug report, we reserve the right to remove the report and move any communications to private channels until a resolution is made.

Security related issues should only be reported through this repository.

While we strongly encourage the use of this repository for bug reports and security issues, you may also reach out to us via our Discord server. Join the #shdw-drive-technical-support channel for assistance. However, please note that we will redirect you to submit the bug report through this GitHub repository for proper handling and tracking.

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