The current testnet phase now allows for trustless shdwOperator to join, help test, and earn rewards!

To operate a shdwNode you must:

  1. Install the latest version GenesysGo's Directed Acyclic Gossiping Graph Enabling Replication (D.A.G.G.E.R.).

  2. Create a wallet

  3. Acquire 100 SHDW in your shdwNode wallet connected to your Discord user. Read this Note.

  4. Verify your identity to the network (required to earn rewards).

  5. Monitor and maintain your shdwNode and stay up to date with announcements. View the leaderboard.

  6. Read FAQ about the current testnet.

  7. Claim rewards.

IMPORTANT - You need to add your node id to your Discord user before your node is eligible for rewards. Once that's done, then rewards will start accumulating for your node.

You need to have 100 SHDW at minimum across all wallets that are verified with the Discord verification system in order to maintain your verified status and therefore your place in the network.

Testnet Information:

Testnet 2: Release Overview

Testnet 1: Release Overview

D.A.G.G.E.R. Hammer

Running a shdwNode will allow you to trustlessly participate in the testnets which powers the Hammer interface for shdwDrive located here. We encourage shdwOperators to review our blog articles and Discord channels for full context on their role.

ShdwNodes will be handling thousands of live user test transactions and trustlessly executing all modules within D.A.G.G.E.R protocol which forms consensus for shdwDrive v2. For more information on the decentralized consensus performed by shdwNodes please review the litepaper and blogs.

Hardware Requirements:

Operating system requirements are Ubuntu 22.04 LTS kernel 5.15.0. Other Linux x86 distributions may work but are not officially supported at this time.

Minimum hardware requirements to operate a shdwNode for Testnets are as follows:

  • 16 CPU threads (8 cores)

  • 32 GB RAM

  • 2 TB SSD (or NVMe) for data storage and high speed i/o operations**

  • 100mbps up/down network connection is the bare minimum

**Note: Using SSDs and NVMe that are less than 2 TB will not prevent a shdwNode from running, however as we increase the file transaction volumes during testnet 2 smaller storage drives will fill up more quickly requiring more frequent restarts. Storage drives 2 TB or greater are now recommended.

Discord Verification

Follow this guide if you'd like to connect your node identity to your Discord user. This will unlock the shdwOperator role and the shdwNode operators channel in the GenesysGo Discord Server.

  • Follow this guide to import your shdwNode identity keypair into a Solana UI wallet.

  • Log in with the Discord user that you'd like to connect your shdwNode identity to

  • Connect your wallet, then click "Add wallet" and sign + submit the message.

  • After a few seconds, you should see a notification that the request was submitted and you should now see your shdwNode wallet in the list of wallets. The role update may take a few minutes to reflect in Discord.

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