To stake and claim stake rewards use:

Read here for details on the current SHDW Rewards programs. We encourage everyone to read the article first since the following are key notes from the article.

Key information you need to prepare.

  • Testnet 2 Start Date: January 16th, 2024 at 6pm UTC

  • shdwPoints Start Date: December 28th, 2023 at 2am UTC

  • End Date: April 16th, 2024 at 6pm UTC

Three Rewards Allocations

600,000 $SHDW distributed across 3 categories:

  • shdwOperators: 300,000 $SHDW pool

  • shdwStaking: 175,000 $SHDW pool

  • shdwPoints: 125,000 $SHDW pool


  • Max Operators: Unlimited. All network participants are active in the network and there is no limit to who can join.

  • Total that can Earn: 150 shwdNodes based on uptime and priority. These 150 will change as their performance changes, replaced by a queue of eligible shdwOperators.

  • Wallet: Each shdwNode must be linked to a unique SPL wallet and hold a minimum of 100 $SHDW.

  • Inactivity Rule: Nodes inactive for 10 minutes are removed from the top 150 group eligible for earnings and placed at the back of the queue.

  • Earnings: Up to 2,000 $SHDW based on uptime, with additional rewards for uptime >=2,096 hours (approx. 95% of Testnet2).

  • Costs: Running a shdwNode estimated at $100-300/month.

  • Uptime Tracking: Via the shdwOperator leaderboard at Details beyond those provided in this dashboard as to how your uptime has positively or negatively impacted your placement in the top 150 is beyond the scope of this testnet 2, and therefore we ask that everyone calibrate their expectations at this time.

  • Earnings Requirement: You need to have 100 $SHDW at minimum across your wallets verified with the discord verification system to be eligible to earn rewards from running a shdwNode. You can stake this SHDW without impacting your eligibility! The SHDW token can be purchased on Jupiter.

  • Claim Rewards: shdwOperators claim at


Staking is a mechanism in which holders earn rewards for holding their tokens. Holders who stake their SHDW tokens instead of spending or trading them are rewarded for participating in and helping to secure the network. This process of rewarding holders for participating in the network is central to our ecosystem and is a core component of our overall design process. We believe that staking mechanics simultaneously drive value for both the network and for holders.

  • How: Visit and connect to the staking site.

  • Rewards: Rewards will be proportional to the individual's contribution to the total staked pool.

  • Staking Ratio: There is no longer a staking ratio for testnet 2, meaning anyone can stake any amount of $SHDW. Previously we had decided that for every 1 shdwNode, 10,000 cumulative SHDW must be staked, however this will no longer be factor for testnet 2 (although could come into play in the future).

  • Staking Contract: All $SHDW stakes go to the same shdwStaking smart contract.

  • shdwOperators: For testnet 2, you need to have 100 $SHDW at minimum across your wallets verified with the discord verification system to be eligible to earn rewards from running a shdwNode.

  • Questions: Review our FAQ


  • Earning Points: Based on wallet activity and SHDW holdings from December 28th, 2023, to April 16th, 2024.

  • Acquisition: 1 point per 10 SHDW purchased through Jupiter Exchange.

  • Loss: 1 point deducted for every 1 SHDW leaving the wallet, except when staking.

  • Redemption: Awarded at the end of Testnet2 based on average transaction size. Points can be redeemed for SHDW at the end of Testnet2.

General Notes on Participation

  • Participants can earn rewards from all three pools concurrently!

  • Review setup guides, FAQs, and for further assistance refer to the official Discord channel.

  • The SHDW Token can be purchased on Jupiter.

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